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Foreign [Music] I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday it's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and today I have Several hot non-phone work from home Opportunities for y'all but I said Instead of me just dropping off these Non-phone leads I actually want to show You a mini tutorial on how you can find Dozens of non-phone opportunities that Will work for you and these leads are Coming from a company called United Health Group this is a major health care Company and if this name is ringing a Bell it could be because I was just Talking about them in my 10 best Companies to apply for data entry jobs Video it's this one right here the Purple thumbnail on my channel if you Have not watched that video make sure You watch that after you watch today's Video If you're looking for a non-phone Job and if you're looking for data entry Okay you want to watch that video Because at the one minute and 40 minute Mark I just start dropping straight fire Okay I got to do my own horn here okay I Give you guys information about finding These online jobs and some things to Think about to have in the back your Mind so that you can make your data Entry non-phone job search go smoothly So make sure you take some time to watch

It I'll make sure it pops up on the Screen somewhere here and you know if You go to my channel of course you can Find it so we're gonna get to all the Details I'm excited but first things First please make sure you hit that Subscribe button and tap the Notification Bell I share the hottest Work from home opportunities every Single weekday on this channel this Really is the place to be if you want to Get hired to work from home a lot of Folks have gotten hired okay and they're On their second their third jobs and That could be you too okay you can make Working from home a long-term career but You gotta make sure you lock it in here Okay and on that note we are ready to Jump in Okay so jumping on in here in the off Chance you are not familiar with United Health Group which hey not everybody Knows about these companies this is a Huge Healthcare Company you guys if you Want to check out more information about Them you can head over to their Glassdoor account they have over 10 000 Employees it says on here and then it Says in the description you know about The company it says we are 340 000 Colleagues and two distinct and Complementary businesses working to help Build a modern High performing health System through improved access

Affordability outcomes and experiences So 340 000 colleagues excuse me okay so that's A huge huge Workforce and you can see They have 15 000 reviews submitted over 19 000 salaries people have submitted Over 4 000 entries for the interview Like basically giving their experience On how the interview went this is a big Deal I I love it when glass door Accounts are filled out like this Because this allows us to like cut Straight to the Chase and know what We're getting into I love it okay now I Told y'all I want to give you a mini Tutorials so if you want to find these Hot non-phone opportunities on uhg's Website you have to start off at their Home page and at the top you'll see Where it says careers you can click Right there and then from there it's Going to take you to this page there's a Lot of information on here good stuff I Encourage you guys to look at it but We're going to go straight to these hot Leaves and what you want to do is you Want to click search jobs like just Leave it blank and then from there You'll be taken to this page where you Want to toggle remote jobs and then from There I like to see just the latest and Greatest so I take this little sliding Bar and I take it down to the last seven Days and from here you can see all the

Remote opportunities that are no more Than a week old and if you want to go Further like you want to find leads that Have certain keywords or Responsibilities you could actually do a Keyword search here so if you wanted to You could type in and data entry and Then any job that mentions like data Entry will pop up and then you can go From there now here is the secret sauce That I'm about to tell you because you Know we did a little tutorial but There's something that's going to really Help you this applies specifically to Uhg don't pay attention to the location You'll never hear me say this in any Other regard because location is very Important for your eligibility to do a Remote opportunity but don't really pay Attention to the location on uhg's Career site because let me give you an Example I'm just going to open up this First lead here this is actually one of The leads that I'm going to point you Guys to I'll give you the pay for it but Notice how it says South Portland okay We don't live in South Portland maybe You do but I don't but guess what if you Open it up you'll notice in their leads They mention you'll enjoy the Flexibility to telecommute from anywhere Within the U.S so these leads from uhg Are eligible U.S wide so don't worry About the location you just want to make

Sure when you open up the lead you see It say eligible to work in the US so These are work anywhere in the U.S roles You guys okay if this was insightful Please hit the like button okay I gave You guys a mini tutorial I dropped that On y'all okay now you're gonna be able To find a ton of non-phone opportunities You know please hit that like button if This was valuable so let's go ahead and Get into the actual leads that I want to Share with y'all and I will hit the Highlights just so that you have enough Information to go from there and apply Tree roll okay this is is for uhg's Eligibility specialist position this is Also a work anywhere within the US role And according to Glassdoor the pay for This position is going to be about 40 726 dollars per year and this Opportunity is all about data entry so The primary responsibility in this role Is you're going to load new member and Group data into the enrollment database And update the database with changes They don't mention anything about a Phone they don't say anything about Having to talk on a phone they just talk About as far as the required Qualifications you need to have had time Where you spoke on a phone in the past So to qualify you need to have your high School diploma or GED you need to have Two plus years of experience in an

Office setting environment using the Telephone and computer as the primary Instruments perform job duties and have Moderate proficiency with Windows PC T Application so those are the Requirements and that's just about all Of us okay if you've ever worked we've Pretty much done that okay and this role Is non-phone they don't mention anything In the duties involving picking up a Telephone or talking now I always like To keep it real with y'all in any job You have to communicate and so I would Not be surprised if occasionally it Would just be easier to pick up a phone Than to send an email and you can Resolve something just like that well That's fine you guys because when most People talk about I want to do a Non-phone job they're really saying I Don't want to take back-to-back phone Calls now the occasional pick up the Phone and call somebody else kind of Thing talk to your colleagues discuss Something with you know an insurance Company whatever that's not a big deal So this role doesn't mention any of that But I just want to give you guys Something to you know think about just In case and they even give us the Schedule here this is a full-time 40 Hour per week Monday through Friday roll You can clock in at 7 30 am and clock Out at 4 pm Central Standard Time or you

Can clock in at 8 30 a.m and clock out At 5 PM Central Standard time so it just Depends and of course if you're on the East Coast you would just want to adjust That or whatever time zone you're in so I will have the link for this data entry Role but it's actually called Eligibility specialist and that is going To be in the description box below so Let's go to the second lead that I have Now the second lead that I want to point Out is a pharmacy care coordinator role Now this one does involve a phone Because coordinator positions are like The glue to a company they make the Train and the engine run and all that Stuff so you know you're gonna have to Pick up a phone occasionally here I have Highlighted the only thing that they Mention in the responsibilities is You'll have to actively participate on Client calls enter departmental calls And team meetings as applicable as the Coordinator you know you're going to be The one who's there probably taking Notes Whenever there is a call going on But your role is more than just sitting There glued to a telephone and so if You've ever done any sort of front Office work any type of secretary work That would definitely be right up the Alley of this role now the pay for this Role according to Glassdoor is 45 698 dollars per year and the

Qualifications are actually lower than The one that we just saw you just need a High school diploma or GED or if you Don't have that two years of customer Service experience will suffice and then One year of customer service experience Okay so if you've got the two years You're good and then intermediate level Of proficiency with Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word PowerPoint email Communication inability to work full Time with open availability between 7 AM To 7 PM Central Standard time so that is The lead for this Pharmacy care Coordinator position this is a really Good one okay I have a third and a Fourth one that I'm gonna lump together So these two you are not going to be for Everybody these are for my medical Billing folks okay my medical billing And coding people and if you have not Already seen a video that I did maybe Like four or five months ago about Medical billing and coding jobs I will Have that pop-up right here that video Is almost an hour long and I go through A ton of different companies how you can Find entry-level no experience medical Billing and coding roles because that's A hot career that you can do from home That has like lasting power if you don't Want to just be doing random jobs you Could actually get certified and there's A lot of companies that hire you to do

That from home so anyway watch that Video but for the folks who are in Medical billing and coding uhg currently Has this billing representative position This one is going to pay 38 352 dollars Per year this opportunity is little Experience friendly so it says you need A high school diploma or GED or Substituting for the diploma one year of Equivalent working experience okay you Need six plus months of experience in a Related environment using phones and Computers as the primary job tools and Then six plus month revenue cycle Medical billing collections related Experience and then the thing here is Medical terminology so if you are in the Billing industry then you would know This terminology but if you weren't in Billing industry I doubt that you would Have that terminology so that's a skill That makes this you know sort of Tailored just for folks who have that Billing background so the link for this Role will be in the description box Below and then the fourth and final one For my coding people is this emergency Department medical coder position this One is going to pay 46.92 dollars per year and that's coming From Glassdoor so all these salaries Come directly from Glassdoor and Remember they have 19 000 salaries Submitted so we can you know pretty much

Trust these now they are offering a Three thousand dollar sign-on bonus for External applicants so that's for anyone Who does not currently work at uhg which Is probably just about all of us Watching this you are eligible for three Thousand dollars when you get hired for This role which is awesome and so this Is also a Monday through Friday roll Occasional overtime they mention and Then as far as the qualifications go two Years of outpatient facility coding Experience experience with ICD-10 Experience with various encoder systems The ones that they list here epic all That and then experience with oshpd Reporting an intermediate level Experience with Microsoft Excel so That's the lead for this coding role and Medical coding is a non-phone career so If anybody is interested in like what's A career that like there's a lot of Availability in I can do from home make Really good money it would be medical Coding and billing to two but they're Two different things I learned so anyway Watch that medical billing and coding Video if you are interested in that and Then of course make sure you watch this 10 best companies apply for data entry Video okay and then of course the links For all of these hot leads will be in The description box below but wait okay There's more I always have to point you

Guys to my website on Here I have a resource called the mega List of jobs there are 485 companies and Counting every time we come across a new Company it gets added here this is a List that will take you directly to These companies careers pages and you Can see the latest and greatest that They have for you to apply to so if you Want to skip all the traffic on the job Boards you know the companies post the Jobs there and then everybody's applying To those leads you can actually do that By just going to these companies careers Pages and that's why we have the direct Link here so if you want another Healthcare Company you can do that we Can actually search the list so you can Type in health and then from there you Can see all the healthcare companies They're 71 listed and you can go check Out what opportunities do they have Available and so I will link this in the Description box as well and then lastly Okay last thing If you do not have your home office set Up check out my Amazon storefront okay I'm always talking about your money Machine that's what I call your computer Okay because without it you can't make Money from home and Amazon has the most Economical computer packages hands down I haven't gone anywhere where I could Get the whole hook up for a hundred and

Fifty two dollars or actually this one's 150 it's two bucks cheaper okay you Can't go anywhere and even get a monitor For just that price all of these Packages meet companies Tech Requirements companies have a minimum of Needing Windows 10 okay usually they Tell you wired keyboard and mouse Because it's compatible with like the Apps that most companies require you to Use and then a 19-inch monitor okay so If you want to you know just have Exactly what you need nothing more Nothing less to work from home come to My Amazon storefront and all these are Sold through Amazon if you ordered this Today it would be to you before the end Of the week so this is awesome y'all all Right Amazon makes it to where we can Get hired work from home collect check All of that good stuff and then of Course if you need a headset I also have Some very reasonable headsets in my Amazon storefront and for under 200 Bucks you can have pretty much Everything you need to start working From home so check out my Amazon Storefront check out the mega list of Jobs and of course look in the Description box for all four of these Hot leads from uhg and thank you so much For watching I truly hope this has been Helpful and I will talk to you soon bye Thank you

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