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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Another job for you guys and this one Right here is coming from the company Claire and Claire is a paint company and They do have remote jobs and we're going To get into one of their jobs today make Sure to check out their career section To see if there's another job that Better suits your needs but today we're Going to be talking about the social Media and Community manager this is Going to be a job managing social media You won't be talking to people on the Phone or anything like that which we Always love and this company does have Great benefits you're going to get your Regular health benefits PTO and it does Say New York New York for this job but You will be able to work remotely they Also give you a 500 workplace set up Stipend as well you can also get free Paint for your home as well okay so Let's go ahead and get into the Estimated pay for this job and according To the Glassdoor this job does have an Estimated pay between 45k and 67k a year Of course that that's an estimate you Will have to get that exact pay from the Company but getting into the details of This job right here you will be owning The social calendar and content planning

Ensuring alignment with their broader Marketing calendar and business goals You will produce Daily Posts in Accordance with their social strategy Aimed at driving brand awareness traffic And sales you will write engaging social Copy with the focus on product and brand Storytelling and with the high level of Creativity and information accuracy you Will be creating double tap worthy Instagram reels Tick Tock videos and More and designing social assets for IG And Pinterest study formats following Templates and style guides you will Bring their Brand's personality to life Via social insuring alignment with their Brand voice and Channel best practices And you will analyze social media Metrics to ensure their meeting and Exceeding performance benchmarks and Making adjustments and recommendations To optimize performance over time you Will continuously adapt to emerging Trends new features and shifts in the Ever-changing social landscape you're Going to also be responsible for Community and content management leading Day-to-day Community engagement across Social channels turning everyday Commenters into authentic brand fans and Building relationships with influencers And enhancing the brand reputation Through best-in-class Community Management you will Source high quality

Ugc and projects to feature in their Content as well as creators to partner With and own the curation and internal Organization of user-generated content For their marketing channels and you're Going to also work cross-functionally With their creative team to identify Content that can be leveraged across Marketing channels in alignment with Their calendar and they want you to have Three to five years of relevant Experience including creating content And growing social channels that are Brand agency or editorial media Outlets Also a passion for all things home with The finger on the plus of the latest Trends in home design also Proficiency In Photoshop canva and or basic video Editing software proficiency and social Media management tools such as Sprout Social in Pixley also be able to Multitask be organizational have strong Copywriting skills and the ability to Execute projects on time and work Collaboratively with a team and again You are going to get benefits and here's The application right here of course if You're interested in applying you can Find the link in the description bar you Guys know that I wish you the best of Luck make sure to leave any questions or Comments below and I'll see you guys in My next video thank you so much for Watching

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