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Foreign [Music] It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah I hope you guys are Having a wonderful Wednesday and y'all I Have another hot non-phone data entry Work from home job for you guys this is Three days in a row and I don't mean to Sound like a broken record but this is Urgent you know this is one of those That you drop what you're doing and you Get your application in now make sure You're subscribed all notifications are On all that good stuff but we got to Keep it pushing now I have to show y'all Something okay okay this lead comes from A company called Maximus and I've shared This company before on my channel I Actually recently shared them almost a Month to the date for this same role now I typically don't go back and double dip I like to just give you guys different Things but this opportunity is for the Medical records file clerk veteran Services role okay in this role you're Going to be reviewing medical records And you know data they have 30 openings Here now I'm going to go back to my Channel because I have to show you all Something okay I'm gonna go back to my Channel I'm gonna show you this was the Same job that I posted four weeks ago Now usually my antennas go up if I see The same role post it again because I'm

Like something's wrong here but if you Notice in the job lead they were hiring For 60 positions last time this time Around they are hiring for 30 position So that means one of two things either They filled half of those positions and They're still looking for 30 more people Who are qualified or they filled those 60 positions and they're adding 30 more On top of it either way that's not a bad Thing now another thing I want to show Y'all because I love the fact that y'all Get in the comments and y'all will talk Let me scroll down here this is Important information okay right here Okay Miss Michelle thank you Miss Michelle Manning if you are watching Miss Michelle says I worked here last Year for about six months it's okay but You got to be fast with reviewing them Pages and you have to review 14 000 plus Pages daily okay now y'all said you Don't want to be on a phone and you're Reviewing pages so you're not gonna be On the phone but you're not getting a Free check you're going to be working That's what Miss Michelle said now Another thing is this is a contract role Remember Maximus is a government Contractor and you can find a lot of Information about them on their Glassdoor it's a reputable large Contracting Company ten thousand plus Employees and this could segue you to

Having a career in government related Affairs if that's something you're Interested in but the other thing that I Wanted to point out as well is Miss Michelle mentioned that there are two Shifts there is a night and a day shift So she said she worked the day shift in That there is an 11 P.M to 6 a.m shift Now is that gonna be available for this Lead I don't know because they don't Specify that but that's what Ms Michelle Said so you know I don't think Miss Michelle would tell us anything just Made up you know we're going on the Honor System here and if you want to use This information to make a decision About applying to this job then you know Go for it but if you want to just apply And find out well maybe they change Things let's see what they have to say Go for it okay you can't go wrong with Applying you can always turn down the Company now jumping on in here they tell Us at the bottom that this opportunity Is going to pay somewhere between 15 and 16 dollars per hour okay if it's like How Miss Michelle said we need to be Making that 16 per hour for sure so that Would come to about 2 560 per month that You would be earning in this non-phone Job so it says job introduction medical Record book markers supporting the Veterans evaluation Services Administered by Maximus make an impact

Every day by facilitating providers Review of the Veterans Medical Records By providing the pertinent information That is being requested bookmarkers have The response responsibility of going Through an entire medical record and Determining what is pertinent to the Case using the tools at their disposal In best judgment candidates must possess The desire to assist our wounded Veterans and service members with a Caring positive and patriotic attitude To prepare you for this role the VES Provides paid comprehensive training Which ensures all new employees provide The highest level of knowledge in Professionalism primary responsibilities Separate all pertinent information from The veterans medical record successfully Research and document medical conditions Communicate with vbms for Capri checks If needed make sure the case is complete Before the scheduled exam maintain the Correct status in OMS for each case Research both common and uncommon Medical conditions additional duties and Responsibilities breakdown and scan Physical C files if needed trained for Both scanning and bookmarking when Needed occasional special projects from Other departments strive to achieve Quota on a daily basis ensure compliance With HIPAA attend periodic meetings over Time available with overflow of cases

Requirements high school diploma or GED Equivalent required some college Preferred basic computer skills Proficiency with Microsoft and Adobe Programs functional knowledge of medical Terminology attention to detail ability To draft proper email correspondence Ability to multitask must be willing and Able to work weekends so I have to point This out this is no experience friendly Because they don't anywhere in here list The number of years of experience you Need to have in order to do this job you Just need to make sure that you can do These things you got basic computer Skills what about you know are you Proficient with Microsoft and Adobe Programs all right is that something That you can be proficient with by the Time you're in this role so if you can Check off those things then go ahead and Apply you know again what's the worst That could happen and then they talk About your home office requirement so You need to have internet speed of 20 MVPs or higher and you can test this by Going here and doing a speed test you Also need a computer and this is one of The rare companies that will allow you To use a Mac so for Windows you need Windows 10 or newer this is what I'm Always telling y'all okay the computers In my Amazon storefront all meet this Requirement and if you're going to use a

Mac then you know those are the Requirements right there and then it Says connectivity to the internet via Either Wi-Fi or Category 5 or 6 ethernet Patch cable to the home router and then It says USB plug and play wired headset With a microphone and noise suppression Private work area and adequate power Source and a second monitor is highly Recommended for most positions you guys This is interesting it says connectivity To the internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet Y'all this is one of the rare companies That will allow you to work on Wi-Fi Based on what this says that's rare okay So go ahead and get your application in For this job but I want to show y'all Some things okay I have some resources For you guys you guys if you need a Resume or a cover letter okay and you Hate making them and doing the Formatting especially the customization Then you can use my resume and cover Letter software for one dollar for seven Days it's a trial if you want to try it Out you can do so for one dollar you can Make unlimited resumes and cover letters During that time if you decide to keep It it's only thirty seven dollars per Month and I will put the link in the Description box below and you'll get two Emails you'll get an email for your Teachable login where the tutorial for Using the resume and cover letter

Software lives and then you'll get an Email with your login for the resume and Cover letter software so check your spam Box in case you don't see them in your Inbox sometimes you know email goes to Spam but definitely if you want to apply To this job and especially if you Already applied to this job and you Didn't get picked you can update your Resume you know customize it for this Role and then resubmit it and let's see How that goes okay and then for your Home office remember they were talking About the requirements for your computer And they mentioned a dual monitor this Computer package is on sale right now For the lowest I've seen it 178.98 you get a Windows 10 Pro CPU you Get the dual monitors these are 19 inch Monitors both of them and then you get Wired keyboard and mouse you will have What you need to meet maximus's Requirements that they list down here Okay this runs Windows 10 Pro and they Say you only need Windows 10 and then They say a second monitor is highly Recommended and especially if you're Going to be looking at all those Documents every day you're gonna want a Second Monitor and you can pick this up In my Amazon storefront the link is in The description box below along with the Link to getting the one dollar trial for The resume and cover letter software and

I can't forget point you guys to my Website the mega list of jobs I know I'm Throwing a lot of resources at you guys But all these links will be in the Description box below this is free and There's 485 more companies on this list That will hire you to work from home and Of course the link to this hot lead is In the description box below so drop What you're doing get your application ASAP then pick back up what you're doing But you don't want to miss out on this One so thank you guys so much for Watching I truly hope this has been Helpful and I will talk to you soon bye

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