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Hey everyone happy Friday it's Suzanne Today I have a remote quality assurance Analyst in this position you will be Listening to calls you will not be Talking to customers on the phone Instead you'll be listening to the Customer calls and giving the customer Agents feedback so as the as a customer Service quality assurance analyst your Goal is to maintain a high and Consistent level of support quality Across the team it is your Responsibility that regardless of the Agent approached or the support Channel Used customers will always get similar Excellent treatment now these are your Main responsibilities maintain and Develop internal support and call center Quality review a subset of support Agents conversations via calls emails or Chat assess support interactions based On internal standards accompany Evaluations with meaningful and Constructive feedback discuss and Explain feedback with agents in regular Meetings create strategies to improve The key performance its indicators help Agents improve their performance with Specific instructions and feedback map The need for training and onboarding pro Programs monitor customer service Performance create reports that reflect Performance report support teams Performance to your direct supervisor

Participate in calibration sessions and Contribute to the team culture in a Positive manner so here's what they're Looking for they want you to have some Experience in the customer service space Does not say how much proven track Record of analytical skills hands-on Experience and quality assurance great People skills and ability to communicate Feedback Good organizational skills knowledgeable And setting goals examples of data Visualization abilities and Understanding of support metrics Perception of basic business metrics and How support impacts those alright so That's pretty much it these type of jobs Tend to pay around 18 to 20 dollars per Hour depending on experience and Location but as always make sure and Check with your hiring manager and guys I wish you the best of luck and I'll see You in the next video

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