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Good morning happy Tuesday it's Suzanne Today I have a work from home job lead That is a data entry clerk with the Leader growth group now they have the Salary listed at between around 29 and 56 dollars per hour depending on your Experience this is a fully remote Position and a little bit about this Company they count on meticulously Accurate and insightful data to drive Their Solutions they're looking for a Data entry clerk who has exceptional Detail orientation and analytical skill To join in their mission the ideal Candidate will have experience working In data entry performing admin tasks and Providing support to managers because of The collaborative nature of this role The data entry clerk should also have Superior written and verbal Communication skills they're seeking a Focused professional who can handle any Situation and provide high quality Results with a quick turnaround So the main objectives of this role is To optimize operational efficiency by Quickly and accurately adding to and Maintaining the quality of large amounts Of data in their database recommend data Management Solutions according to the Business requirements ensure usability Of data entry software and equipment and Manage malfunctions handle requests for Data from managers and employees achieve

Organizational goals while adhering to The best practices so here's what you're Going to be doing gathering in an input Data into the database review data for Errors or redundancies and make Corrections research information needed For completing documents with minimal Oversight analyze and use data from Automated information aggregators to Update the database create systems and Processes to efficiently capture Information generate reports and store Outputs in database scan and print files When requested So mostly just dealing with the data Entering it making sure it's correct and Then working with other people in the Organization to make sure that it is Correct required skills and Qualifications you'll need a high school Diploma they would like you to have some Experience in data entry good Communication skills ability to type Quickly proficiency with spreadsheets And forms ability to maintain Confidentiality of company information And then if you have these additional Skills ability to communicate in an Additional language other than English And experience in developing internal Processes and filing systems that's a Bonus so make sure you get those skills On your resume if you have them like if You can speak Spanish and English or you

Know some other language in English make Sure you put that down the schedule is Going to be Monday through Friday 20 to 30 hours per week and it is a fully Remote position so if you want to try Your hand at this one I'm going to go Ahead and put the instructions down in The description for you to apply and I Will see you guys in the next video

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