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Happy Tuesday everyone I am back with a No talking work from home job this Company is hiring a melee and the pay is Between 16 and 20 an hour so we're going To go ahead and dive right into the job We're going to be talking about the Company Ventra Health they're currently Seeking payment coordinators to work From home this is a full-time position And when you scroll down again it only Requires a high school diploma or GED so We're going to go more into details About what you're going to be doing on This job here the payment coordinator is Responsible for the first step in Billing process for the electronic or Paper lock boxes daily assignments are Provided by the supervisor and the Payment clerk must develop a plan to Complete work list by the end of each Day payment coordinator must compile With applicant laws regarding billing Standards and be able to operate in a Team or an environment that strives to Provide Superior Service to anesthesias Providers throughout the country so the Responsibility some of the things that You're going to be doing on this job is You're going to download bank statements To secure Drive you're going to download Eobs from pairs website you're going to View outstanding issues daily you're Going to create payment batches in Netsuite you're going to also prepare

And work correspondent daily per client Specifications you're going to retrieve Correspondent and sort by clients as Well as you're going to correct address On return mail and then you're going to Notate patients account properly and Then perform other special projects and Other the duties are assigned now when You go down they just want you to have At least one year in data entry field in At least one year in medical billing Preferred when it says preferred that Means if you have it that's great if you Don't don't worry about it still apply For the job now if you need to practice Your typing skills I am going to show You where you can practice your typing Skills your daily entry for free now This is with you Can practice again your type of test in Your 10K to test which is data entry and They will give you typing tips so if I Click on 10 key tests this is what You're gonna what it's going to show is It full 10 key tests which with is Numbers and symbols or you can choose Zip code test numbers only you want to Do everything you can to get your data Entry type of skills where it needs to Be so it can help you get closer to Landing this job okay remember this is Free you have to practice in order to Get there okay so we're going to go back Into the job here when you go down a

Little bit further here It talks about Um as well as you're going to have Strong knowledge of Outlook word excel Pivot tables and database software Skills there is a free place called Microsoft 365 and I'm going to show you That this is free Microsoft 365 training You can learn Microsoft Word Excel Outlook OneDrive OneNote SharePoint Microsoft team as well as Assets so when you get a click right Here with Excel you can click on Excel And there these are the free videos that You can click on and you can watch Tables it says pivot tables that's what It showed into the description if I want To learn how to Pivot tables this is a Video that I can watch and learn how to Do this and I can learn this within five Or ten minutes okay of this so you can't Disqualify yourself and say I don't Understand how to do pivot tables this Is something free that you can go in and You can practice now back to the job now When we go more into details here They're looking for someone that has the Ability to read understand and apply State federal laws regulation and Policies ability to communicate with Diverse personality mature and Professional matters basic use of Computer telephone internet copier facts And scanners you know that I always

Reach out to hire managers when I have a Question I ask about telephone they were Saying you're not this is not a call Center it's only as needed if you're Missing some information that you need To get from an insurance company that's The only time you will reach out okay so That is the only time basic 10 key Skills basic math skills strong oral and Written and interpersonal communication Skills strong time management and Organization skills that is what they Want you to have so if this is something That you're interested in doing then Don't wait don't procrastinate you have To get out here and fill out this Application today all you do is Click Right here where it says apply when you Click the supply button it is going to Walk you through on do you accept And then you you put your email address Here and it will walk you through on how To apply and submit your resume now if This video has been helpful make sure You can subscribe to the channel by Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These no talk and work from home job Leads jobs that are hiring immediately And no degree needed jobs so make sure

You subscribe to the channel keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you got to Believe if you don't believe nobody else Will so go out there and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for This job you got this you have to speak Life over yourself the power of the time Determines life and depth you have to Say I can do this Again apply for multiple positions don't Just apply for one job and call it a day Put in fill out those applications get Those applications going because out of All the application you feel is filled Out it's going to be a couple of Companies that you're going to reach out To you and say look you've got the job But you got to believe and how you're Going to know that you have a job if you Don't apply for the jobs you have to Take that time and at least spend an Hour or two applying for these jobs and I get it a lot of people get Disencouraged rejection is a part of Life even myself get rejected but it's Not the end of the world no don't mean No it means next opportunity so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs there is a job Out there with your name on it but you Have to believe I cannot make you

Believe that it's something that you Have to pray and ask God to give you the Strength to believe you got this okay You got this keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it and don't Disqualify yourself never ever Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs you can get this job because A lot of people have gotten jobs and They're not qualified what's meant for You is meant for you okay there is a Time in the season for everything so go Out there and fill out these Applications today okay now you know That I always talk about having multiple Strains of income okay I believe in not Um seven I believe in eight multiple Strains of income just to prepare so Whatever happened you have money to Still continue to pay your bills and That is with book vote bookboat is a Easy business opportunity that you can Start today and start making passive Income if you put in the work there's a Saying what come easy won't last what Last won't come easy so you have to put In the work in order to do that and that Is what book well as you can see what's Flashing in the back that is what you Can make those considered low content Books low content books are journals law Books Diaries coloring books coloring Pages recipe books it is just too many

To name if you go to Amazon kdb you'll Find a whole bunch of low content books That you can kind of look at and make Your books a whole lot better so when we Go into details the great thing about Bookboat is you can always research the Product before you actually make it and See if it's sell as well as filing your Competitors to see what kind of keywords They're using not to copy but to be Expired okay now the great thing about This too is bookboat has upgraded they Have a new studio they have cover Creators interior designs drag and drop Editors complete customization over 1 200 plus free fonts more than one Million royalties free image pattern Scalable designs filter and much more And yes people buy these books every Single day also The great thing too is you know again You're able to make these puzzle books Here you're able to make activity books Coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match The tears to create unique books for Your audience I have made least about Two videos about how easy it is to make One a coloring book and one is a journal So go ahead and check that out that will Help you the great thing about bookboat Is they have a lot of tutorials you just Gotta take our time and look at the Tutorials it tells you they walk you

Step by step how to make a coloring book How to make it puzzle book how to make Different things but you got to put in The work okay everything is already Handed out to you you just have to make The time and have the willing power to Look at these videos if you spend an Hour a day you're going to understand How easy it is to create a low content Book you can do this I'm doing this I'm Not just walking the walk I am also Creating a low content book because I Want to have multiple strains of income Too as well I'm not just telling y'all I'm doing it myself I've been doing book Probably about eight months now Um and I love what I do I make puzzle Books and I make coloring books and this Is a great opportunity you do not have To have any experience you can work Anywhere in the world that means in the United States there's no higher state State higher restriction listed you can Work out of the country this is a great Opportunity to pick up a backup plan you Know because cars have backup plan you Have a spare tire you're not hoping to Drive and have a flat but if you do you Got a spare tire to put on that card to Take you to your destination cell phones We all have cell phones cell phones have A charger if you're getting ready to Talk on the phone it's beeping and dying Out you could plug up that charger and

Plug it up to the wall and still up um Talk on the phone that's why it's so Important to have a backup plan a lot of People don't believe in that but I do Don't wait till the lights go off in Order to take action take action right Now okay faith without works is dead and When you go in here again the pricing Everybody want to know about the pricing You cannot complain about the situation If you don't take action again like I Just said a few minutes ago I feel it's Very affordable it is only 9.99 per Month for newbie in 1999 per month for Pro but if you use my coupon code which Is the rest of sweat all in lower cases You'll receive 20 off the 9.99 per month And that is Lifetime that is forever or If you choose 19.99 per month you'll get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime Forever as long as you have book vote And the only difference with the pro is You're getting the puzzle creation Software included that's the only Difference and the great thing also About this platform is you can try it Out for three days for free and see if You like it I guarantee you're gonna Like it this is a easy side hustle Business opportunity that you can start To date and make passive income okay Don't think too much on it go ahead and Sign up today once you sign up you can Go ahead and start creating low content

Books today upload them on Amazon kdb There's many places that you can sell it On of course Amazon kdb you can sell it On Etsy you can sell it on Pay Here send Out free social media platforms out There as well as if you have a website There's people when you go to Fiverr There's people that have a lot of Following and you can promote this on Their website or you can promote it on Their podcast and it reach a larger Audience and start making sales there's Ways that you can do it you got to stop Making excuses making excuses is not Going to get you to the next level you Have to have that positive mindset of Willing mind a willing heart and a Willing Spirit to go out there and grab What is yours so go ahead and sign up Today as soon as you sign up today You'll go ahead and start making that Money okay anybody if you do your Research can make anywhere between a Thousand to ten thousand a month but you Got to put in the work and you can do The same thing okay go ahead and sign up That information is in my YouTube Description bar and remember my channel Is all about non-phone work at home job Leads or no talk and work from home job Leads come companies that are hiring Immediately no degree is needed they Will train you these are the type of Jobs that I list on this pla on my

Platform and again there's every job That I discuss is no talk and work from Home jobs so if you're looking for a no Talk and work from home job make sure You subscribe to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe and Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on all your notifications so when I Upload new videos you will be notified And that will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs to further no longer Available okay if you would like to Support the channel or become a member Of the YouTube channel all you have to Do is click that join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Shout out to everyone that's already a Member of the channel I really Appreciate you don't forget to check out Your convenience tab that is where I Engage with you when I upload new videos I posted in there when I do posts when I Do quotes when I go YouTube live I post All the information in there and that's My way to communicate with you again I Want to build a community where we can Uplift and encourage one another on our Job search in everyday life okay so make Sure you be a part of this community Okay so when I do my work from home q a I'm going to start going live once a Month the first of every month and it's

Going to be a work from home q a where Whatever questions you have and then I'm Going to help you I'm gonna if you want Your resume to be reviewed make sure you Say I want my resume to be viewed in the Live stream put that in the comments and Then you send me an email so I can have Those and I'm gonna do one resume review The not critique but to give you Suggestions and pointers on how to Improve your resume okay so again keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there been made for You but it starts with you you gotta Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what the shares by applying for These jobs and remember to check out the Video that is listed at the top or the Bottom there that is more work from home Job leads out there for you to help Increase your chances of getting that Remote job especially a no talk and work From home job thank you so much for Listening and watching and I will see You in the next video bye

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