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Happy Friday everyone I am back with a Part-time work from home job where you Make 600 per week this is a work from Home job 2023 and this is a no time for Work from home job lead and it's with The company age alone so we're going to Go ahead and dive right into it I am Going to share my screen and work on the Talk about the job so you can go ahead And get this information and go ahead And apply for the job before it no Longer is available here so I'm going to Share my screen again we're talking About agent love they're currently Seeking accounts payable Specialists to Work remotely this is a part-time Position here and uh when you scroll Down here it really does require a high School diploma or Um degree or anything like that so According to Glassdoor you can make 600 Per week it could be more depending on Your experience and everything so make For sure you go ahead and apply Immediately for this position because it It this position don't stay that long so When we go more into details of about What you're going to be doing this Position provides accounts payable and Account Support to finance department Position includes routine processes of Vendor invoice and employee expense Reports this is a part-time position and Some of your duties here is you're going

To onboard vendors according to the Company's internal policy you're going To verify the accuracy of vendor invoice Confirmed that the correct general Ledger accounts codes are used and Ensure proper approval and authorization Is obtained you can also track process Expense reports according to the company Travel and expense policy as well as You're going to respond to external Vendors and internal managers regarding All aspects of account payable process And that is through chat email process According to hired manager anytime I Have courses about anything I always Reach out to hiring manager to double Check and then you're going to review Automatic payments to ensure correct Coding and authorization as well as Sufficient contracts and Doc rotations You're going to maintain multiple Banking platforms for All the currencies and you're going to Assist a month in closing including Recognizations and analyzing in projects As needed and you're going to maintain a Following system for financial Information records and documentation or Easily available information as well as You're going to be responsible year-end Compliance including 1099 report and Other Duties are assigned now again with This job here it doesn't say that it Requires a degree

All you need to have is a knowledge of Office administrative procedure in General but keeping again youth school As your friend I'm going to show you a Place where you can understand General Bookkeeping for free you're going to be Willing to take the lead and process Improvements and roll up their sleeves When needed experience customer service And communicate and payment issues with Vendors and other external and internal Departments so it may be a little fun But you are just reaching out to people In your department Um just to communicate payment issues if There are strong analytical organization Problem solving and time management Skills you must be a self-starter work With limited directions and taking full Ownership of areas of responsibility as Well intermediate level in Microsoft Excel experience with multi-intenities And currency a plus again look these up There go to Google look it up there are Videos that can explain this to you and You'll be to pick it up so you can get This job Proficiency in Microsoft Office Application now when it says preferred That means if you have it that's great If don't don't worry about it so if this Is something that you're interested in All you need to do is Click right here Where it says apply for this job okay Now I want to show you a free place

Where you can go and learn Microsoft 365 As well as learning General bookkeeping Um for free so again I am going to share My screen and I'm going to show you our Microsoft 365 I talk about this all the Time so you can understand it for free Before you say that you can't do the job Here's a free place Um it's called again Microsoft 365 Training you can learn Outlook one drive Word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft teams Yama and access so to Learn Excel all you do is click on it And there's a lot of videos here that You can look at and understand how to Peel the tables all you did was click on It there is a short video that you can Look at and they can teach you how to Learn all this stuff within five or ten Minutes you already know how to uh pivot A table so before you disqualify Yourself don't don't do it uh make sure You go and you learn these free things Again there's a lot of free tools that You can get out there and learn this Stuff okay then here's another place That you can go here to learn General Bookkeeping for free if I don't Understand something like I said I Always use Google as my friend and I Learn this stuff like I Google General Bookkeeping videos look at all of these Videos but keeping one-on-one learn Bookkeeping bases and fundamental free

Bookkeeping courses part one Introduction to YouTube there are free Things but keep it basic for small Business owners all you have to do is Research it and you will find it you'll Go and watch this video I guarantee You're going to be able to understand Bookkeeping and be able to get out there And perform this job okay now if this Video has been helpful I want you to hit The like button and I want you to hit The red button that says subscribe and Turn on click on the Bell to turn on all Notifications so every time I upload new Videos or when I go YouTube live you'll Be notified and they will give you Plenty of opportunity to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they go Really quickly people have to understand That it is a lot of people that look Looking for remote jobs just because It's people looking for remote jobs that Don't mean you can't find one You got to do everything you can stand Out so as soon as I post these jobs you Need to go ahead and apply neatly Because what went on more and more People love the remote life they want to Stay at home so there are a lot of People that are applying for these Different jobs so you have to get on the Bandwagon and Pla apply for these jobs Now if you come across a job and it says Oops and it's not working don't get in

Panic mode all you need to do is explore Within the company and see what other uh Work from home jobs that may be a good Fit for you okay so I want to leave some Encouragement words with you like I Always do in these videos is because I Want to build a community where we can Uplift encourage one another on our job Searching everyday life because we need It it's so much negativity people in the World and we need more positive vibes I Want to keep telling you is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with your mind you Have to believe if you stay in your mind That you can't guess what you're not Going to make it from point A to Z but If you say that I can do do it then You're going to make it from point A to Z I always tell you all the time is Surround yourself around positive people That have your best interests because When you have somebody that is speaking Life over you instead of death Um you're going to make it for in life The power of the tongue it definitely Determines life and death so you have to Just speak life of yourself rejection is A part of life but it's not the end of The world no don't mean no it means next Opportunity with one door closed there's Gonna always be another door that's Going to open you just got to stay in

The race too many times y'all are at the Finish line and you just want to quit And throw in a towel because things are Not working out for you or it's not fair Life is not fair but you'll learn to Just quickly you have to keep applying You just cannot apply for one job and Call it a day you gotta apply for Multiple position and yes you have to Tailor your resume to each job that You're applying for if you want to get That job that is how it's supposed to be I suggest you go check out my work from Home q a live resume review that I did Um on April the 4th 2023 where I talk About five resume mistakes that you need To avoid I got that information from Hiring manager as well as I went through And show you you how to optimize or Tailor your resume to the job post so Make sure you check that out because I Am trying to help so many people get Jobs but again you got to put in the Work what come easy won't last and what Last won't come easy you have to get out Here and apply and don't give up I get It it's hard out there that it's life But you got it keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Being made for you it starts with you You got to believe because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs okay

You know that I always talk about course Careers because it has been a life Changer for so many people I have people In my family that are taking this course And they really enjoy course careers and They thank me all the time because again It has been a life changer for them and For those who don't know what course Careers are It's basically a um online self-paced Course where you don't have to have any Experience or degree you can take Um techno sales there's more than 300 Opening jobs average starting salaries Between 60 and 80k a year we know that Text sales are high in demand this is More of a phone job where you'll be Reaching out to potential buyers and you Know in regards to if they're interested In the product that you have to offer at Your company digital marketing there are More than 200 000 opening jobs average Starting salary is between 40 and 60k a Year this is more dealing with paid Campaign website bloggers Information Technology the same as it they're more Than 200 000 opening jobs average Starting salary is between 40 and 60k a Year and that is more of a chat job now I say go check out the testimonies and Seeing what other course careers Graduate has to say about course careers And how it works is you're just going to Start their free intro course again in a

Free intro course it's going to tell you Everything you need about digital Marketing information technology and Tech sales at that time you should know If it's a good fit so don't Procrastinate enroll in their course it Is self-paced some people completed Within a week some people complete in Three months it just depends on how much You spend Um with a course careers and then you'll Start applying the skills you learn from The course they will teach you exactly How to let an entry-level position Through the inside knowledge of how to Apply to companies how to interview it So much more they partner directory Companies that want to hire you into an Entry-level position dropping degree and Experience requirement for all course Careers graduates okay so if I go into One of these courses here so I can tell You digital marketing okay when I go to Digital marketing these are some of the The companies that will hire you in as a Digital marketer when you go down a Little bit further It talks about the day in the life of a Digital marketer so some of your Responsibilities you're going to check Your emails and apply to critical Message review active campaign and AD Platforms team meetings in brief and Then when you go down a little bit

Further Um it talks about who is their digital Marketing course for potentially this You really don't have to have any Experience to participate in it and this Also tell you what you'll be learning in The class marketing fundamentals key Marketing channels digital marketing Framework skills and process career path This is something that you need to get In also don't forget to check out more Um testimonies from course careers if This don't get you pumped up I don't Know what will and here is how much it Would cost again the free introduction Course is free and it is a one-time Payment of 499 dollars but if you use my Coupon code which is the rest of 50 you Would get 50 off of that there is no Contract or hidden fees along with a 14-day money-back guarantee or you could Choose a four payment plan where they Take out Um 150 every two weeks again there's no Contract or heating fees along with a 14 Day money back guarantee when you go to A community college a trade school a University or graduate school you're More you're out of more money than 499 This is a win-win situation so if you Ever wanted to go back to school in Order to change your life and make more Money this is your opportunity to do so Of course careers is going to have you

Ready when you graduate versus when you Go to a college Community College trade School Um university you're only coming out With a degree and a lot of people to Come out with a degree they go and apply For these jobs they're getting rejected Because they only have a degree and they Don't have experience you're getting the Certification as well as getting Experience so once you sign up today you Can go ahead and start taking this class Today so officially go ahead and check That out that information today okay all Of that information is in the YouTube Description bar and remember to make Sure you watch the video that's listed At Copper at the bottom there are more No talking work from home job these to Help you get closer to lending that First second third job even a side Hustle I want you to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you've got to believe Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video bye

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