SPOTIFY Non-Phone High Paying Administrative Work From Home Job |$96,000 To $121,000 Year |No Degree

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you this one is from The huge music streaming company Spotify They need no introduction this is a very High paying job it is non-phone and you Don't need any kind of a degree for this Position it is a possible to get high Paying positions without degrees Companies that pay for experience so Even if you have a job you're not Necessarily fond of it's better to work Those little jobs and gain that Experience and have that on your resume Working up towards a very high paying Job rather than go into student loan Debt for a degree that may not pay off So it absolutely can be done of course As always the links to everything I Share if you're interested in putting The application in is in the YouTube Description box below this video but Spotify is hiring an exact executive Assistant now let me know in the Comments down below if you like Non-phone jobs like administrative Assistance executive assistants doing All the administrative work or you Prefer just straight data entry jobs now They do have a office in New York if you Are in New York and can swing by Otherwise this is remote for the Americas now they're looking for someone To schedule work related meetings and

Events including managing calendars on a Short notice handle expense reports and Other day-to-day administrative a tasks You'll coordinate extensive business Travel Logistics with detail itineraries For the executives you'll coordinate set Up and execute off-site and team Building activities and departmental Social events you'll plan and complete Internal All Hands of Team meetings and Events you'll complete and plan a client Events you'll act as the team's Point Person for any questions concerns Relating to business meeting agendas and Calendar planning and of course you'll Do the meeting and calendar organization Booking travel and processing invoicing And payments for those Executives now Again they are not requiring any kind of College degree they do want somebody who Is five years or more experienced Reporting to a senior level executive That doesn't mean you were their Sidekick it just means you were Reporting to them someone who can be Highly organized and efficient with Attention to detail someone who can be a Self-starter forward thinker and a Problem solver someone who can meet the Tight deadlines in a multi-tasker who Can manage multiple projects at one time Of course you have to have a Proficiency In Mac programs Microsoft Office Suite And Google app so you need to know how

To use computers pretty well especially A Mac someone who is comfortable doing Presentations creating them and Delivering them through keynote Google Slides or PowerPoint now of course this Is remote and they allow you to work From anywhere however their working Hours it says they operate in the Eastern time zone so you might have to Convert that your time zone to that to See if it will work for you but the best Part about this job is that it doesn't Require a college degree and it pays Well pay starts anywhere from ninety six Thousand eight hundred and forty nine Dollars a year all the way up to a Hundred and twenty one thousand sixty One dollars a year and here they talk About the benefit package where they Offer a standard paid time off a 401k Medical dental vision all of those Things all right if you've made it to The end of this video I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me as always feel free to Leave any comments in the box that you Want specifically if you have any Suggestions for things I can do to Improve this channel things you don't Like that I'm doing that you would like To see me stop doing please leave them Down below I'm trying to take any Feedback and change things up a little Bit but I'll be back really really soon

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