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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another word from home job where you can Actually start working today they are Hiring immediately make for sure that You watch the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information In all of my videos to help you get Closer to the landing your first second Third job even in South hustle remember This channel is all about non-phone work At home job leads they go out every Single day at 7 A.M such a standard time So let's go ahead and dive right into The first job or that we're going to be Talking about one job it is with the Company you're super also known as Founders they're currently seeking Executive assistant to work remotely now Glassdoor the pay is 35 an hour it could Be more depending on your experience so When we go more into details about this Job here is um basically they want you To work between three to four hours Daily so this is a part-time job it's a 1099 job where you could pick and choose Where you want to work Um it can Um potentially you can work more you can Go to long term they want you to work Mondays through Friday and either Eastern Time or GMT depending on travel Schedule of Founders so they're Basically saying if you're looking for a Rewarding career then this job is for

You excellent salary with a great Opportunity for Upward Mobility so when We go into details about what you're Going to be doing is you're going to Schedule appointments professional Meetings booking travel Arrangements Calendar management and coordinate Meetings by Zoom organization of email Business and Personnel report activities And resolves on a daily basis Proactively improve performance through Coaching and feedback provided Organization and administrative of Weekly monthly in voice for vendors Across different countries social media Management for business to provide Accounts posting editing scheduling Correspond with business partners Vendors customers and then Administrative support and organization Of invoice and light bookkeeping across Different countries okay then when you Go down here the traits and the skills And the attitude this is very important Because these are the skills that you Need to implement into your resume Summary as well as your skills section So Unstoppable mindset coachable helping Business grow persuasive Thought quality follow-up attention to Detail outstanding verbal Communicator Over the phone and ability to work from Home these are all the keywords you need To implement into your resume so your

Resume can get closer to passing the African tracking system again this is a Part-time job a contractor job which is A 1099 job and they are looking for Someone to start immediately okay so you Need to be on top of these type of jobs They move very very quickly y'all these Type of jobs do not last that long so You need to get on board and apply Immediately so if you're interested in Applying for the job all you need to do Is scroll a little bit this is Considered a quick hire application Meaning it literally would take you five Minutes or less but you do not want to Rush the process fill out everything Here as you can see and hit submit Application is very short and simple That is how some applications are some Are long some are short but this is a Great opportunity for someone who here Also you can Google some of the skills Too as well if you want to add more Skills into your resume here's a list of Executive assistant skills Um I typed in what are the skills of Executives since uh assistants this is What appears here as well as you can go And type in what are the soft skills of A executive assistant and this will pull Up too as well so take advantage of all Of the tools that I have given you in The research things on your own so you Can understand what the job is needing

What they're asking for So you can get closer to getting hired Okay So I'm gonna say this I'm gonna leave These encouragement words with you Before I move on to something else is Like I always say is to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for The job let the company do it it is too Many people that don't have Encouragement they give up they think That they can't find a job Don't wait until when you have a job Still always apply for a different job I See too many times people get so Complacent they got a job they don't Want to look for another job and then a Lot of companies a lot of companies know That they're going to let you go years In advance and they don't tell you why Because they know that you'll be started Looking for a job right now but a lot of People see signs that they're getting Ready to be let go and they don't do Anything about it if you see a boss Constantly riding your back you can't do Nothing right that's telling you that They're getting close to letting you go So you need to start looking for another Job too many times people stay at the Job let them fire them and then when They go and try to find a job it's a job

Filing a job okay and that's why a lot Of people get into that state of Homelessness because they don't know how They're going to pay their bills you Know bills are not going to stop because You got fired you got laid off they're Gonna still come either you're gonna pay Ahead or the lights are going to come Off so all I'm teaching you is to Prepare and plan at all means necessary That is what I'm doing is to always Apply for a job just because they gave You a gift basket this past Christmas They love me no it's companies that gave Me that years ago as soon as they gave Me a gift basket the next day I was Fired for no reason at all how can you Go from somebody doing a good job too Now you know you're firing that person You know people can fire you if they Don't like you you can be an excellent Worker but if they don't like you and You don't fit in that group they will Let you go always prepare and plan don't Wait till the lights go off before you Try to figure it out it's gonna be too Late and just imagine if you close your Eyes and it's dark you can even see your Hands in front of you you don't want to Get into that predicament so get out There and apply for these jobs and Speak Life over yourself because the power of The tongue determines life and death Stay over around people that are

Speaking life over you don't go around People that's nice as don't encourage You always got something bad to say to You those are the people you need to Just let alone love them and distance Okay so keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there being Made for you but you gotta believe okay Stop getting angry stop getting upset Because that's not gonna make things any Much better you just gotta keep praying Keep pushing keep applying don't give up And believe in yourself because if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs okay Now I'm gonna be talking about A great side hustle or a course here Because a lot of people need to know Again remember I just talked about too Many times people get complaces it's People that I know that cannot afford to Get their car fixed because they're not Making the money that they're deserved And they choose to stay on a company Instead of investing in themselves using That company as a crush to invest in Their self course careers has partnered With different Fortune 500 companies To in uh for they're looking for Somebody in it information technology Technology sales as well as digital Marketing okay this is a great Opportunity very affordable anybody know

When they go to college you're out of a Lot of money with college a lot of People taking out loans there are people That are still taking out loans with Course careers you are not taking out Loans of course careers have a whole Bunch of jobs you see when you go to Indeed there are a lot of I.T jobs Available reason why they have a lot of Them because people are not trained so Course careers have partnered with Fortune 500 companies that are looking To put you into a entry level position Where you can makes between 60k to 100 Okay a year and that is a life changer For so many people a lot of people will Not struggle anymore once they go Through the course but you have to stop Procrastinate and take action okay so The first thing that you will need to do Is Um look at their testimonies see what Other students have to say okay Just to paraphrase Miss Alexander she Worked at Starbucks again like I always Say it's nothing wrong with starting Somewhere you gotta crawl before you Walk but she got to the point where she Got tired of working at Starbucks Because she wasn't seeing any change Seeing any race so she ran across course Careers now she is the youngest at this Time making 60k a year okay so it can Happen to you go check out these other

Testimonies you can watch the full Testimony by clicking here okay so how It works you start a free intro course In this free intro course you will learn About what the career entails and if You'll be a good fit if you're a good Fit for the position this again don't Procrastinate don't talk yourself out of Doing this so don't listen to people say Oh you just wasting money A lot of times Those are haters they don't want to see You move to the next level they don't Want to see you better yourself they Like to see you living paycheck to Paycheck where you don't even know what Your next money is going to come enroll In their class it is a self-paced course You complete the course in a few weeks To a couple months depending on how much Time you commit you will learn Everything required to land your first Position they also do have internship Paid internship where you can work for a Company for three months maybe anywhere Between fifteen and twenty dollars an Hour once you complete that Um You know the internship you could choose To work at that company or you could Choose another company that they are Currently partnered with and you just Start applying the skills you occur from The course in a new career they will Teach you exactly how to land in entry

Level position excuse me through Insider Knowledge of how to apply to companies What they look for in resumes Applications how to interview and such Much more and again they partner Directly with companies that want to Hire their students dropping the degree And experience requirement for their Graduation and again this is a online Course so if you go up to the top And you can do technology sales again There's more than 300 opening jobs Average starting salary 60 to 80 year Digital marketing more than 200 000 Opening jobs average salary is 40 to 60k A year Information Technology more than 200 000 open jobs average starting Salary is 40 to 60k a year again the Reason why they have so many openings is Because they cannot find the right People that are trained right into doing This job here okay now remember Information technology is more of you're Not on the phone at all Tech sales you Are And digital marketing is you not uh Based on the phone so if I were going to Let me just look at digital marketing Since I haven't went over that this is Digital marketing it is a six-week Course again 200k job open openings and 55k a year and then these are the best Companies are hiring additional Marketing as you can see they're

Scrolling on the screen and it talks About why I choose digital marketing and Then it goes into a high job demand And he talks about A Day in the Life Robbing it at the office and get your Coffee know you know they do have where You can work from home too as well check Your emails are applied to critical Message review active campaign and AD Platforms team meeting and brief lunch Break this is a non-con work at home job Okay as well if you don't want to be on The phone you can do this here okay as Well so this is a great opportunity they Do offer flexible education again it is A self-paced course you can expect to Take around two months at 10 hours of Learning per week or around three weeks At 40 hours of learning per week if you Go look at the testimony there are People that finish this course within a Week In and this can happen to you it just Depends again this is more of Um testimonies go check it out this is How much would it cost you can do a four Payment plan of a hundred and fifty Dollars Um again the free introduction course Are you gonna do a one-time payment of 499 no contracts or hitting fee along With a 14-day money-back guarantee this Is very affordable y'all they're trying To work it out for you so you can go

Ahead and get the knowledge knowledge is Power the more you know the more you Grow so again stop procrastinating take Action you know uh people that are doing Really good they're Risk Takers you got To be a Risk Takers you cannot it's not Greed a lot of people say oh it's greed No it's not greed okay greed is if I It's still if I'm staying at home Um and I have cookies and there's other People that want the cookies and I'm Eating them up that's greed this is Preparing and planning you just never Know what gonna I'm happy you need to Have multiple strains of mcom okay you Know that's what I believe in not seven But eight multiple strains the income Just in case use the job that you have To invest in yourself okay because Companies they invest every single day When they hire people how many people They have to eat they have they hire Multiple people millions of people and You need to have multiple strains of Income going on but if someone could be On autopilot pilot and some of them you Just have to just figure it out on how You're gonna make it work but at the end Once you plant the seed you can sit back And reap the benefits okay so go out There and sign up today so you can go Ahead and take these courses it's very Valuable to you you won't regret it Again make sure that you're watching the

Videos all the way through because as There are valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer to Landing your first and second job Um share this Channel with everyone you Know that could benefit a non-phone work At home job lead they go out every Single day at 7 A.M such a standard time If you would like to support the channel Or become a member of the YouTube Channel hit the join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Don't forget to check out your community Tab that is where when I upload new Videos I post it in there as well okay Thank you so much for watching And I will see you in the next video Remember to keep pushing Keep applying and don't give up okay There is a job out there being made Specifically for you so go out there Today and grab what is yours today okay Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in the next video bye

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