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Happy Tuesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job they Will train you and you can make anywhere Between 28 to 39 per hour and equipment Is provided before I give you that Information make sure that you join me This coming Friday December 2nd 2022 at Seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I am going YouTube live and bringing Back the guest there were a swisher so If you're interested in becoming a Medical biller encoder from home this is Your opportunity to attend now we're Going to dive right into the job we're Talking about the company Allstate They're currently on Um uim representative adjusters to work From home again when you scroll down This position is a remote home base and They're looking for candidates who Reside in the Pacific time zone this Position will require claims handling in California when you scroll down a little Bit further here it tells you um the Salary the salary is between 60 thousand To eighty one thousand two hundred per Year and is based on experience and Qualification that is between Twenty Eight to thirty nine dollars per hour And that's also like a thousand one Hundred twenty to a thousand five Hundred sixty per week okay now this Company the great thing about this Company they offer paid training and

License this company has really great Information I'm a really great company They will train you paid training and License Um you're eligible for eighty dollars Monthly connective reimbursement to Offset the cost of Internet and phone Expense so that I mean this they really Have great benefits right here that's Where I got that information right here Allstate will provide a technology Bundles they include all equipments Needed to perform your work from home Like laptops monitors headset keyboard And mouse so they will provide all of Your equipment right here that's what I'm reading from Um also it only require is a high school Diploma or GED or higher when he says a Bachelor's degree preferred that means If you have it that's great still apply For it if you don't have it I'm still Applying for it anyway benefits is Included on this position and basically What you'll be doing on this job one of The things that you'll be doing is you Will research and respond to complex Customers communication concerns Conflicts or issues you're going to also Determine claim value you'll provide With you'll be provided with Comprehensive training they will cover The cost to help you study for in and Earn your license and they offer full

Paid virtual training plus on-the-job Training and ongoing training Opportunities for continued Improvement That is what's going on with this Company there are often lots and lots of Training and they give you information About Allstate it is an American Insurance company known for its car Insurance policy but offers a variety of Financial service so we're going to go Ahead and dive in a little bit deeper About what you're going to be doing on The job okay You're going to summarize documents and Enter into claim system notes you're Going to document a claim file with Notes evaluation and decision making Process you're going to no negotiate and Settle claims in accordance with Business unit best practice and then You're going to review medical reports In preparation for claim settlement Evaluation here this is where I got that Information you will provide with Comprehensive training they go over Everything again when these jobs want to Train you you need to hop on this okay This is very great to end it plus They're giving you equipment they're Providing your equipment and when you go Down a little bit further they do have Sign on bonus especially for those Individual with two years prior Representative in our adjusted

Experience could qualify for a 2000 sign On bonus so if you have two plus years Experience in adjusting you can get two Thousand dollars bonus of individual With three years of Prior Um experience they get a thousand sign Home bonus so this is a win-win Opportunity if this is something that You want to do make sure you go ahead And apply today these type of jobs they Do not last that long so make sure you Get on board and go ahead and apply Today for this job by clicking here Remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it too many times people talk Theyself out of applying for a job Before they actually apply because why People listen to other people what they Say you can't do this you know you're Not qualified they will never hire you You have to stay away from naysayers When you're around naysayers or haters That don't want to see you succeed You're not going to go that far in life You need to surround yourself around People that is going to uplift you and People that is of your peace you know um Like Bishop RC Blake go check him out he Talks about protecting your piece Um if you don't have peace you don't Have nothing he said Furniture don't rob You of your peace dogs don't Rob your Peace is people so you need to surround

Yourself around people that is going to Um support you tell you that you can do It you got this keep pushing keep Applying those are the type of people You need to be around is those um those Type of people so you know go out there And apply today if you don't know things Like I always say use Google as your Friends you can find out how to do a lot Of things just by watching videos Showing you how to prepare for the job Make for sure that your resume is Tailored to each job that you're Applying for and you just gotta keep Pushing I know that a lot of people have Said I have been applying left to right And still have not heard anything no News is good news keep applying don't Give up when I was in in the market of Looking for a remote job it took me a a While to find a job I think it took me a Year before I found what I was seeking But you just gotta keep pushing you got To keep applying you cannot give up you Know even if you fall down just don't Stay down you gotta keep you got to get Up with class you know life is full of Ups and downs it's just like a roller Coaster one minute you up next minute You down but that is a part of life Um you just gotta trust the process you Got to trust God you got to keep praying You know a faith without works is dead Get out there and just apply for these

Jobs you will found that job it will Come your way when you least expect it What you need to do is go out there and Plant that seed like Farmers farmers get Out there they tilt the ground they Plant the seed and how it grows is Through water in the Sun get out there And apply for these jobs because they Will come when you need it the most okay So believe in yourself if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will Stop worrying about what people think You know care less what people think People going to talk about you people Going to say things negative about you That is a part of life but you can Choose and pick and choose if you want To be around that person or not so keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Okay I believe in you if you don't Believe in yourself I believe in you go Out there and get what is yours today Okay now you know that I always talk About Having a backup plan you should always Have a backup plan don't wait till the Lights go off where it's dark and you Don't see what's going on even though You have a job use that job as a crush And and to invest in a business so if Something happened with your current job

You have another business that can take Over pay all your bills until you found What you're looking for and that is with Bookboat bookboat you can make anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month creating low content books and for Those who don't know what low content Books you see them on the screen here Low content books are journals log books Diaries coloring books coloring pages Recipes books it is just too many to Name if you go on Amazon and you type in Low content books you'll see a whole Bunch of low content books that you can Make and make passive income now the Great thing about bookboat is that you Can always research the product before You actually make it see if you sell you Can look at your competitor's keywords And see what kind of keywords that They're using and you can Implement Those in your titles and descriptions Not to copy but to be expired okay You have to put in the work what come Easy won't last and what last won't come Easy you have to remember that you do Have to put in the work And the great thing bookboat has Upgraded they have a new studio they Have cover creators interior designs Drag and drop editors complete Customization over a thousand two Hundred plus free fonts more than one Million royalties free image pattern

Scalables designs filter and much more And yes you can make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors mix and match Interiors to create unique books for Your audience and yes people buy this Every single day anytime you're talking About a business there are some pricing And I believe it's very affordable you Cannot complain about the situation Until you vest in yourself you got to Take action There are two prices 9.99 per month for Newbie and 19.99 per month for pro now If you choose the pro the only Difference with the pro is you're Getting a puzzle creation software Included now if you use my coupon code Which is the rest of sweat all in lower Case that information is in the YouTube Description bar you will receive 20 off The 9.99 and that is Lifetime that is Forever if you choose the 1999 per month Pro you'll get 20 off of that and that Is Lifetime forever and then you could Try it out for three days for free and See if you like it I guarantee you're Gonna like this this is one of my side Hustle that I've been doing for six Months I'm creating low content books is Really easy you can work anywhere in the World you could be in the United States You could be out of the country you do Not have to have experience you don't

Have to be a graphic designer anybody Can do this so if I go to the interior Wizard I do not have to create my Interior my my interior is already Create for me okay now if you want to do It you definitely can do it I'm in canva But all of this is already created for You to make it easy for you you can mix And match and come up with a unique low Content book you got a choice to do Paperback or hardback I always use Paperback the eight by five by eleven And you could choose how many pages you Want to um have in your low content book That's why it's very important to look At their tutorials they have a tons of Tutorials to show you how to make a Coloring book how to make a puzzle book How to make journals Um to get you started on this journey if You spend an hour a day looking at these Videos you can get to the next level and Then also on Tuesday and Thursday they Have live webinars where they also Continue to give you more information About book boating that's your Opportunity to ask questions and to be Learning so it is a win-win so if I Wanted to do a planner I click on this and I hit download this Is my interior this is what I would Download to Amazon kdb if I was doing a Planner okay I would do a little bit More more but I'm just trying to show

You example this is what I would Download to Amazon kdb I am not a Graphic designer so I don't know how to Do a cover so I do go on fiber and pay Someone anywhere between five and twenty Dollars to create my my um cover and I Upload it to Amazon kdb these books can Be selled on these low content books can Be sold on Amazon kdb they could be Selling on free social media platforms That you can use Um if you have a website you can sell on There you can sell on pay help you can Sell it on send out and there's so many Other places that you can do and this is Something that is a great side hustle That you can go ahead and start I Believe in multiple strains of income I Believe in eight and you should have Eight you should always have a backup Plan like I always say cell phones Always have a backup plan if you're Sitting on the phone talking and that That battery is about to die you just go And just plug your charger up and you're Still able to talk on the phone Um when you drive a car it's a spare Tire there we're not hoping to have a Flat but if you do have a flat you could Put that flat on your tire and you Continue to go to your destination until You be able to get it fixed hopefully You can get it fixed real soon but the Point I'm trying to make is you should

Always have a backup plan at all means Necessary don't never get complacent on These jobs thinking that you would never Um they would never let you go because These companies these days a lot of them Know that they're going to be letting You go Um months and months and years and years Ago and a lot of people are unprepared That's how a lot of people get homeless Is because they don't plan and prepare So make sure you get out there Sign up you know use the job that you Have to invest in a business sign up Today and you won't regret it you need To build your your Empire you want to Leave a legacy for your children Children so go ahead and sign up the Information is in the YouTube Description bar and remember my channel Is all about non-phone work at home job Leads that go out every single day That's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday at 7 A.M Central Standard Time make for sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information In all my videos to help you get closer To lending your first second third job Even a side hustle consider subscribing To the channel I would love for you to Be a part of the family by clicking that Red button and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on your notifications

So every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified and never give you Plenty of opportunities to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they're no Longer available if you would like to Support the channel or become a member Of the YouTube channel hit that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the Channel shout out to everyone that's Already a member of the channel take Advantage of your community tab on that Community tab that is where I engage With you Um I also give you encouragement words I Do quotes Um like we talk about course careers in Here um when I upload new videos I post It in there as well I'm just trying to Connect with my audience so make for Sure that you go ahead and check those Out today and remember keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it you have To believe in yourself because if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours today by applying for these Jobs you got this be encouraged thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video

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