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Foreign And happy Tuesday if you’re new here my Name is Valerie and this is the work From home project where we post hot Remote job leads every single day go Ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to My channel and have your notifications Turned on because the jobs I post about Go really really fast today we’ll be Talking about two non-phone data entry Jobs that both do not require much Experience or a college degree let’s Jump into the first company which is Axion data services this company has Been an industry leader in providing Data entry Outsourcing Services data Verification and internet data Research Services to companies Nationwide and They are actually looking to hire a data Entry operator and you’ll be responsible For entering information into various Proprietary computer systems as well as Partner portals let’s get into some of Your day-to-day responsibilities you’ll Be entering data from various sources Into the Axion database or client Portals ensuring appropriate turnaround Time on all data entry transcribing Information into required electronic Format reviewing and entering data in The appropriate format verifying data For accuracy and complying with security Backups and regular information security Checkups you’ll also have to comply with

Their data integrity and security Policies and be able to communicate Effectively with project managers as Needed some of the perks of this role is That it’s an independent contractor Position you’ll be self-employed you can Work a flexible schedule anytime 24 7 And you’re paid per piece so you can get An increase in your hourly rate based on Your production speed and how quickly You’re entering data you’re not an Employee no taxes will be withheld from Your paycheck and you’ll be paid Bi-weekly through direct deposit some of The requirements they’re looking for you To have for this position is a high School diploma a minimum of two to three Years of data entry experience with a Keystroke Oak rate of 15 000 keystrokes Per hour and that’s equivalent to about 50 words per minute error free they want You to be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and with using Windows or a Mac Computer you need to be able to pass a Criminal background check be at least 18 Years old and work a minimum of 20 hours Per week at least you also need to have A reliable high-speed internet Connection and show proof of Authorization to work in the US now some Of the softer skills they’re looking for Are of course excellent verbal and Written communication skills Proficiency In Microsoft Office

Detail-oriented the ability to work in a Fast-paced environment Those computer And data entry skills focus and Attention to detail time management Skills and the ability to work Confidently and Under Pressure now they Do not list the salary for this position On the job listing but through my Research it seems like you can make About 17 an hour as a data entry Operator with Axion and again that could Vary based on your production speeds Prior experience and other factors let’s Jump into the second job which is for The company Cardinal Health Cardinal Health is a distributor of Pharmaceuticals it’s a global Manufacturer and distributor of medical And laboratory products and a provider Of performance and data solutions for Healthcare facilities Cardinal Health is Looking to hire a work from home data Entry representative and you will be Responsible for translating the Customer’s information so you will be Processing customer orders making Decisions on document interpretation Entering accurate information into this System and meet performance and service Level goals outlined by the department Some of the qualifications for this role Is a high school diploma which is Required two to four years of experience Is preferred as a data entry rep prior

Computer experience using Microsoft Office systems is is required customer Service experience is preferred and Previous facts experience is also Preferred so some things that they Expect from you working in this position Is that you’re going to apply acquired Job skills and company policies to Complete their standard tasks you can Work on routine assignments that require Basic problem resolution you can refer To their policies and past practices for Guidance and be able to receive general Direction as well as detailed Instruction on new assignments also the Ability to consult with your supervisor Or senior peers on complex and unusual Problems now because this is a full-time Position with them they are providing Some benefits you’ll get medical dental And vision coverage starting on your First day as well as a 401k match Program you get 23 days of paid time off After 90-day probation period a health Savings account and flexible spending Accounts they also provide work-life Resources paid parental leave and Healthy lifestyle programs the Anticipated salary for this role is Between 13 and 17 dollars an hour and I Know this job is going to go very very Quickly you guys I’ve seen other data Entry jobs for Cardinal Health before And they don’t really last more than a

Week so make sure you hop on this job Posting as soon as you’re done watching This video I’m gonna be posting the link To both of these jobs in the description Below and I want to thank you guys so Much for watching today’s video again Make sure you are subscribed and have Your notifications turned on for Tomorrow’s job leads and be sure to Check out my playlist for more non-phone Jobs always hiring jobs and skip the Interview jobs and as always I wish you So much luck in your hunt for the Perfect remote job and I will see you Next time

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