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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I have a scam Alert for you I normally wouldn't make a Video like this and I'm not saying I've Never posted anything that has slipped Through the cracks but I do try to do my Research before sharing a job lead I Click the links in the job description To see where they go do they actually Lead to an application page I Googled The company I try to look them up on Glassdoor and a lot of times if they Have less than a 3.0 rating on Glassdoor I will not share it all even though it May be like a data entry a well sought After job lead I'll read the reviews Some of them I've skipped sharing Because they have like 2.5 stars out of Five and when I read the reviews I just Don't want my people wrapped up in a Company like that so let me know down Below if you'd rather me share Everything regardless or if you don't Mind me skipping sharing things that I Personally feel are just a little bit Iffy but with that being said while I've Been searching for job leads today I Have come across a bunch of jobs from This data Direction company they are Flooding all of the job boards like Simply Hired indeed on Simply Hired they Have a virtual operator and if you Scroll down that they've got a data Entry operator and if you keep scrolling

They've got an admin virtual assistant Data interoperator clerk operator and They just keep going you can see like Almost every other job on this page is From them which is making it hard for me To find job leads today But indeed is the exact same way they Are just flooding indeed every job Posting seems to be from this data Direction company now when you click on Apply on company website This a page is gonna open and at first It looks like a regular job posting but Doing my research I'm like what is this Company about if you scroll all the way Down to the bottom of the page you can See their home page for their main Website so let's go check the company Out but you can watch my browser refresh And that takes you to this survey thing It is not a real company so I just want You to be aware in case you're out there Looking for jobs this is going around I Think every job board today alright Sorry about the interruption in my Normally scheduled content I just wanted To share thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me I'll be back Really soon as soon as I can find some That are not scams with more job leads Just for you

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